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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catie Wayne Finally Does Boxxy Again

...After three and a half years.

You know the story. Teenage camgirl blows up all over the internetz after posting silly hyper active videos to her friends, it gets spammed on _______chan, they stalk her life, she flees the internte in fear for over 2 year, reappears as her real-self about half a year ago saying she couldn't get into the whole boxxy thing at the time.

Well this summer apparently she's rediscovered her inner-boxxy, and now boxxy is arguing with herself.

On the ANewHopee page where she made her triumphant return, looking swoll of the face, while sporting a blond wig and a russian type accent; she plays a character named Svetlana who bad mouths boxxy.

Boxxy responds on a new page called bodaciousboxxy, sporting her classic eyeliner and her mindnumbing or endearing (depending on how your perspective) high pitched, hyper-activity.

See below:


People are actually debating if ANewHopee is her,since in the bodaciousboxxy video she says ANewHopee is just some girl that looks like her. Catie has long acknowledged it was her from day one. People really have to learn how to follow a joke.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Latest Greatest Boxxy Song

In the vain of such great Boxxy hits as Love and Tolls, comes a new instant classic from danielson742 just posted 5 days ago. Check it out:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Short Story of Boxxy's Return least as I've been able to cobble together.


For all the over-emotional ranting the last couple of years of how Catie Wayne, the real person behind Boxxy, life was being destroyed even by people like me who previously would not use her name or give details of where she lived and went school; it appears she's fine.

She's so fine that she's now decided to come back, and embrace the Boxxy love. So here's a middle finger to all of you from iheartboxxy, youtube, and else where who came at me with your inane, emotional diatribes about how I should take down all Boxxy content to protect her, as if erasing my documentation was going to make people either lose interest or somehow forget she existed. Or that somehow taking down my content would stop the information from being out there in the same places I got it from, or would erase history.

Boxxy's Return

Apparently Boxxy is having financial troubles in paying for colleg, and on November 18, 2010 she took to ebay with a new pictures of her self, hawking a bag for sale.

Of course in wanting proof that this was really new and the pic of her holding the bag was really her, in chan tradition the internetz demanded a time stamp from her, and they got it. Boxxy was back on the interwebz:

A different childhood bag of hers was confirmed to have sold for $1,000.

Boxxy Returns to the Chans

Boxxy would next take to Unichan, basically the last remaining Boxxy forum since Iheartboxxy shutdown based on the aformentioned belief that they were protecting her by not mentioning her; and iloveboxxy went to shit.

Unichan is another imagebord site, which actually was not originally created for Boxxy. It was a school project basically used by the creator and his friends. After posting died out there, in the summer of 2009, regulars of BoxxyChanTk migrated over to Unichan and "moved in". Probably because BoxxyChanTk was a shitty format of a website, and was annoying to use.

Unlike other Chan's that have multiple different form pages on the site dedicated to different topics (though most of them all surround degenerates posting anime or kiddie porn of some sort) all titled with a different letter of the alphabet, unichan just has one board. And where /b/ is the random board on almost every other chan known to man, b just stands for Boxxy on Unichan.

Catie, or Boxxy is now a semi-regular there, interacting with her faithful followers. She mentions the chan in both of her new videos.

A New Hope

On November 25 Boxxy dramatically returned to video with her youtube clip "A New Hope.wmv", under the channel username anewhopeee. Named after the first Star Wars movie, this new video contains a clip from that movie of R2D2 delivering Princes Leia's message to Obi-wan Kenobi via video projection from the robot. But instead of leia's words from the film, Boxxy transposes her own words, addressing "Uninites" (what Unichaners call themselves) who "years ago served my cause in the chan wars", as opposed to clone wars in the movie. She ask them to help restore her channel.

She can be seen in very dark and grainy video dressed up as leia, where you can't really make her out. She would later release pictures of herself in that outfit.

Finally, on January 11, she returned to the video blog format (or vlogging format), looking straight on into the camera, talking to the viewer. With no make up, and her now classic hipster (or whatever)styled hair pulled up, she address her status as Boxxy, and both the internet hate and love; to a degree.

She starts the video off in a hyper, high pitched voice, as if the Boxxy the internets knows is about to explode out at us again, but then in seconds goes into speaking in a normal tone as herself instead of the character. She address her followers at unichan; says she couldn't get into the place where she could do the Boxxy Character (apologizing for sounding like a "dramatic actor"), yet gives a couple of seconds of Boxxy at that point; and vows to soon provide a new video that won't be like the old Boxxy videos, but she thinks people will like.

After a month there's no new video, the old Boxxybabee channel has not been restored, and all seems quiet on the Boxxy front.

...for now.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Boxxy Returns - But My Videos Are Gone

Video on Boxxy's return to the internet, and the disappearance of my highly popular videos that documented and covered the phenomenon in her absence. I will have more on the back story of her return as I get all the details together.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boxxy Peace Meet Story From An Eye Witness

Alright, yet another version of the Boxxy Meet story; but with the most detail yet.

I ran across someone that I was quite certain was at the Boxxy Meet in July, so I messaged him and ask if I could ask some questions about it. When I asked the questions he responded with what follows.

Note, I post this and his name with his permission.

The first is in response to who is he in the video:

Yes i was there and i am the guy in the red shirt and tight pants, im sitting at the table, im walking in the front of the group towards the house and i was the one talking to the woman that lived there
but here is what happened that day

This is a copy and paste of what he wrote to me, with Boxxy's last name redacted out:

i saw the boxxpeace thing on b and i actually believed that there would be a reasonable turnout of btards in their masks, so i wanted to go and laugh and see how creepy people could really be. i brought 2 cars full of people. we got to the park and there was one small other group of people there and they were sitting on the other side of the playground. we sat around waiting for something to happen because we didnt want to leave right away, and they came over and the "biker fag" had his camera on and was asking us retarded questions using /b/ terminology it was kind of sad actually. we asked him where is boxxys house and he said its a mile that way so, my friend michael with the blonde mullet in the video, went and stole the nicest flowers he could find across the street from the park to give to boxxy.

we all got in our cars and followed the "biker fag" to the house, we parked up the street and started walking back. (at this point in time and still, i am not sure whether that is her house or not, but since you say you understand it wasnt then whatever) we walked to her front porch, found the chair leaning against the gate and laughed for a minute. i reached through the gate and moved the chair quietly and opened the gate, while my friend michael ran to the door rang the doorbell then came back and we put the chair back how it was. we waited, i saw someone with dark hair run in front of a window that looked like they were running down stairs, then less than a second later an older blonde woman opened an upstairs window and i asked for catherine ______, i was the only one that was talking, she said she lived here alone, and didnt give her name, she obviously didnt live there alone if someone ran by a window on the opposite side of the house, so i didnt really care what she said, i just didnt want to get in trouble by the police. she said the police have notified her that her address was on the internet and to stay inside and she asked us to go. we didnt believe her so we left flowers and there was really nothing much else to do. so we went home.

after we left the smaller group that came over and talked to us spelled out anon in flower pedals and stole flowers of their own, they were gay. then they went back to the park after we left and thats when supposedly boxxys ex or w/e was there. i was gone at that point so thats all i can tell you

This responder reveals his name as being Matt. I assume he must be the Matt that ED refers to as having "led" people to Boxxy's house (and that I referred to in my last post on this), though as he tells us above, he was following "biker fag".

His account brought some questions that I addressed to Matt; but he did not answer:

"I was thinking there were two houses, as for instance the one in the video; doesn't have a gate, unless the gate is on another side.

The one I understood to really be her house, and which seems strongly to be confirmed by photographic evidence of pictures taken by Boxxy of herself at her house, has the wooden fence. Here's some of that photographic evidence:"

Uhh, whatevs. Maybe we'll get the full story one day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Boxxy Video - Boxxy Doing Thriller Dance

The real Boxxy, Cate, doing the Michael Jackson Thriller Dance with her theatre troupe.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boxxy Peace Meet and BoxxyFest

Following up on the The Meet Boxxy Try all information suggests that the Boxxy Peace losers Meeters did end up at Boxxy's house. There are two stories:

1. They initially did go to a wrong address that was on the net. Yet, after meeting with Boxxy's ex-boyfriend Dan, he took them to her actual house.

2. Some guy named Matt who was there knew where she lived and lead everyone there.

This was in doubt; but the following pics seem to confirm:

Boxxy Meet

Boxxy Meet 2

Boxxy Meet

They tried to then have a BoxxyFest on August 31; claiming Boxxy would be there, but of course she was never coming. From a picture I saw seems like about 3 people showed up. Complete fail!

Here's the flyer for it:

BoxxPeace Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Boxxy Is A Phenomenon Pt 1, Why She Is So Loved

Part 2 will be why she is so hated.

In the thread of a picture and music tribute video on youtube, following the return of Boxxy in leaked videos of her hanging with friends at an acting festival (conference); a user asked the following.

“This obsession we all have is becoming unhealthy. What does this girl have that we can't get enough of?”

From the video title “bawxsy”

That certainly is the question.

A lot of people want to chalk it up to just virgin 13 year olds or pedo-old men wanting to bang her; but that's far too simple and clearly not the truth as there are many very attractive women all over youtube, and a lot with their luscious boobs hanging out. And while some of them may be quite popular, they're not obsessed over like Boxxy. There aren't a thousand parody and tribute videos to them.

Plus that wouldn't explain Boxxy's hetero-female fan base. And Boxxy while adorably cute, is not thmost e gorgeous person or physically fine woman to droll over on the internet. There are easily sexier women on the net to fond over; and there are plenty of other very adorable and sweet teenage girls video blogging. Yet none have gone epic anywhere like Boxxy has.


I think that it's that her joy seemed to be pure and from deep inside; and is hence infectious. As one of her fans put it, something like, in this dark shithole of a world she was a beacon of joy and happiness.

And then I think there are two camps with that. Those who bask in dark and bitter feelings and abhor her joy; and then those who she makes feel good and therefore adore her joyous presentation.

Also, her videos contain a certain distinct sense of humor there that you either get or don't get.

Some people called her presentation childishly stupid. To the contrary, what’s so great about it is that she used child like ways to show unbridled enthusiasm and happiness; the kind we all once had but lost as we grew into adolescence and became anxious, and then now jaded.

Further, her ability to pull it off and have it seem genuine (to the point that most dumb asses didn’t even realize that it’s just a performance; but thinks that she has ADHD, is on drugs, has tourettes, or is just retarded); is brilliant. Her use of eye contact (very important communication technique); visual effects with merely a dark back ground, spot light on her face, dark shirt and some eyeliner; and her spastastic movements that had some declare she surely has tourettes because it would be impossible to fake such a performance maintained for so long (though she was faking); made for a captivating performance that evoked deep (and often emotional) reactions of both joy and adoration, ans well rage and hate; exactly what art is supposed to do.

To sum, I think her draw was 3-fold: non-obvious, but ever present humor; strong visual affects/slash communication techniques, and exuding a pure, unbridled sense of joy which I think connects with a lot of peoples own good feeling of reminiscent childhood happiness; before all the shit.

Add to that a fourth element which is multi-pronged; that being the whole phenomenon and mystery that was built around her by the time things had blown up on a certain image board and migrated back to youtube when she released the third Boxxy video.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

About the July Boxxy Videos

Alright in the Quick Story of Boxxy post I mentioned the new Boxxy videos that came out on July 12, 2009:

new video was released to the internet that was only a couple of months old, of Boxxy at a week long Thespian Festival (she’s a drama club geek) in L.A. The two videos show her sitting with friends in a banquet hall, and then on a bus. As her friend yam it up for the camera; Boxxy stays out of picture except about 15 to 20 seconds and barely speaks.

She does not address the internetz or her status as Boxxy. Subsequently with in a couple of days, her friends from the video would have their myspace's trolled where the newest Boxxy pictures yet were found; including many from the Festival that she’s attending in the video.

Here are the videos:

The back story to the videos release:

Someone involved in the video, though no one will yet say who; leaked it to one of the mods at a Boxxy fan community called iheartboxxy. This mod shared it with other mods. The word got around the board that they had new Boxxy video,and 4chan /b/tards who'd infiltrated the site threatened that they'd better release the video or else their site would be attacked.

So the page the July12th was created and the two vids where loaded.